Unang Hirit goes to Poracay

The popular morning show of GMA 7 has invaded Poracay Resort this January. Among the GMA artists who went were sexy and sultry Regine Tolentino and funny man host Eagle. A song number was also rendered by Glaiza De Castro, one of the casts of Asian Treasures, while it was being aired live on the said morning show.

Production staff has requested its owner, Mrs. Lerma Ayson, to prepare the best of Kapampangan delicacies and dishes, which were also featured on the show, aside from Poracay's scenic beauty. Being a true-blooded Kapampangan and a good cook, Mrs. Ayson prepared boboto (tamales) and tidtad (dinuguan), among others. The feature hit two birds in one stone (so to speak), as Poracay was promoted as a vacation getaway and Kapampangan cooking was once again praised. 

Being a widely viewed show every morning by millions of Filipinos, this exposure in Unang Hirit flooded Poracay Resort with phone calls on inquiries and reservations on the day of airing alone. The owners believe that this has indeed been an honor and a very good marketing strategy for them.