Rules and Regulations


Poracay Resort Icon Upon check-in, the housekeeper or the guard will check all items in the guest's villa using a checklist that would the guest needs to sign.
Poracay Resort Icon All guests are advised to secure all their belongings at all times and always lock all the doors and windows when leaving the villa. The resort shall not be held liable for any loss of belongings.
Poracay Resort Icon

Guests must maintain peace and serenity within the resort at all times. VIDEOKE, SOUND SYSTEM AND/OR OTHER DEVICES EMITTING DISTURBING NOISE must be turned off after 12 MIDNIGHT. Using VIDEOKE, SOUND SYSTEM and/or OTHER DEVICES IN THE CABIN AREA ARE PROHIBITED.

** FIRST WARNING: Guests SHOULD turn off the videoke, sound system and other devices producing disturbing sounds.
** FINAL WARNING: The Resort Management has the right to pull out the rented videoke and/or other sound system device and return it after the quiet hours.

Poracay Resort Icon For overnight stay, ALL VILLAS/SAWALIS/CABINS SHOULD BE TOTALLY CLEARED BY 12 NOON to give the housekeeper enough time to clean the rooms for the next guests.
Poracay Resort Icon When ready for check-out, the guests should inform the housekeepers or roving security guards for assistance and for checking of items inside the villa/sawali/cabin to ensure that the resort facilities are complete and on good condition upon check-out. Once the checklist is cleared, the guests may vacate the villa/sawali/cabin.
** Replacement fee or repair cost will automatically be charged to the guest if any item is lost or damage, including damages on the villas/sawali/cabin itself.
Poracay Resort Icon For extension, please inform the office 2 hours ahead of time, to know whether the said villa/sawali/cabin. Extension of overnight accommodations can only be entertained DEPENDING ON THEIR AVAILABILITY.
** If it is, you will be allowed only 5 hours to pay per hour of stay and 50% per head entrance fee. Beyond 5 hours, you will be charged the amount of villa/sawali/cabin in full and 50% per head entrance fee.
** If the villa/sawali/cabin is already reserved but you prefer to stay and just transfer to another villa of your choice, we are compelled to charge the amount of the villa in full, and 50% per head on entrance fee.
Poracay Resort Icon Overnight accommodation on nipa huts and steel cottage is NOT allowed.
Poracay Resort Icon Corresponding accommodation fee should be paid before customers can occupy them.
Poracay Resort Icon The management has the right to charge and do necessary actions, if needed, on guests caught trespassing or using other villa/sawali/cabin/cottage.
Poracay Resort Icon Reservation fee is non-refundable.
Poracay Resort Icon Corkage fee applies to the following: chairs, tables, electronic appliances and catering services.
Poracay Resort Icon Mattress, pillows, blankets, grillers, tables, chairs and videoke machine are for rent. Some items may require a deposit fee that will be refunded once returned.
** Replacement fee or repair cost will automatically be charged to the charged to the guest if any of the rented items is lost or damaged.
Poracay Resort Icon NO hard liquors allowed inside the resort.
Poracay Resort Icon Alcoholic beverages are allowed only in your rented villa/sawali/cabin/cottage.
Poracay Resort Icon NO firearms allowed within the resort premises.
Poracay Resort Icon NO pets allowed within the resort premises.
Poracay Resort Icon STRICTLY NO LITTERING IN THE RESORT. Throw all the trash in the designated trash bins including cigarette butts.
Poracay Resort Icon Putting up of tents is prohibited unless permitted by the management.
Poracay Resort Icon Reserved villa, sawali and cabin will be held until 4:00 pm only unless guaranteed payment is pre-arranged.
Poracay Resort Icon Personal safety should be considered at all times. The resort will not be liable for any accidents and injuries. However, First Aide will be provided.
Poracay Resort Icon Vehicle/s should be properly locked before leaving the parking area. The management is not liable for any loss or damage on your vehicle/s.
Poracay Resort Icon For inquiries and other concerns, the office is available for transaction from 8am to 5pm only.
Poracay Resort Icon Guests are advised to take time to read all our general rules – located at the entrance of the resort, near the function hall and on the left side of the lagoon area.


We encouraged all our valued guests to please be considerate enough and to be mindful of all the rules and regulations for everyone to enjoy their stay at Poracay Resort.